Animals made out of flower pots

Updated April 17, 2017

Flower pots and planters crafted to resemble animals make for a whimsical addition to a garden, porch, patio, deck or even a home interior. These decorative pots can be made from several different materials including terracotta, resin, concrete, metal and wood. Animal pots and planters fashioned from metal and wood include built-in containers in which to place or plant flowers. Certain members of the animal kingdom make popular subjects for pot designs. These include cats, dogs, turtles and birds.

Domestic pets

Cat and dog-shaped flower pots are available in a variety of materials suitable for home interiors and the outdoor garden. These include terracotta, resin, concrete, metal and hand-carved, hand-painted wood. If you're looking for a particular canine breed, you can find metal bull dogs, Labradors and pugs, cement Spaniels and wooden beagles and scotties. Flower pot rabbits can be found in terracotta, glazed clay and cast iron.

Fish, frogs and turtles

You can place your flowers in a selection of fish, frog and turtle-shaped Talavera ceramic pots from Mexico. Even without flowers, these colourful handmade, hand-painted pots could add a decorative touch to any room in the house. Terracotta is another source for fish, frog and turtle pots and planters. Frogs are also available in wood and resin.


Wild and domestic birds can be found in a variety of materials suitable for placing and planting flowers. Terracotta is a source for quail, duck, pelican, chicken, rooster and swan pots and planters. Swans are also available in wood and resin. If you want that decorative splash of colour, doves and chickens can be found in Talavera ceramic. If you prefer metal, you can find rooster and hen flower pots.

Farm animals

Barnyard animals suitable for home and garden are available as flower pots and planters. Pigs can be found in terracotta, metal, resin, wood, stone and Talavera ceramic. Cows are available in wood, terra cotta, Talavera ceramic, metal and resin. Horses can be found in metal planters.

Other animals

If you're looking for a menagerie of flower pots and planters, other animals, as well as insects, can be found for home and garden. Terracotta elephant, seal, otter, raccoon and snail containers are available. Bear, moose and ladybug pots are available in metal. Bears can also be found in stone and resin. Wood is used to create wolf and deer planters.

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