What kind of pet birds can live outside?

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Many birds can be housed outdoors, but their aviaries must be large enough to accommodate the specific species and contain sufficient nest boxes. Aviaries should ideally contain a variety of trees and shrubs and should be constructed in a draft-free and quiet area of the garden. Shade, in the form of established trees or a suitable roof, must always be provided. Birds in outdoor aviaries must also be protected from bad weather, such as rain and snow.

Parrots and macaws

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Parrots are vividly coloured, intelligent and active birds. The larger parrot species and huge macaws, are sought-after companion birds, but tend to become too raucous to be housed indoors. These social birds should be housed in pairs or small groups, where possible. Their aviaries must be constructed of strong galvanised wire, as they possess powerful beaks and active minds. These larger parrots enjoy climbing about in trees and spend a considerable amount of time in the branches, where they preen and eat.


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Lorikeets are beautifully coloured parrots from the rainforests of Australia. These active and vocal little birds have specialised tongues for feeding on pollen and nectar. These birds are social and the enthusiast can house a number of different species in a single spacious aviary. The red-collared lorikeet, Edward's lorikeet, green-napped lorikeets and the Swainson's blue mountain lorikeet, can all be successfully housed together. These active Australian parrots require an aviary at least 5.5 metres (18 feet) long and 2 to 3 metres (6 to 8 feet) wide. The aviary can be well planted with tall trees.


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Finches are tiny seed-eating birds from Australia. Most display highly attractive colours and markings. Finches can be housed in all climates, provided they are offered a fully closed-in section to the aviary. These little birds can succumb easily to windy and draughty conditions but thrive and breed if they have shelter in a warm area.


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Cockatiels are one of the most sought after aviary birds worldwide. These attractive parakeets from Australia are hardy and intelligent. Cockatiels breed readily and don't require a very large aviary. These birds tend to have a good nature and enjoy the company of people. Cockatiels are currently bred in a huge variety of colours and tend to be undemanding in their diet

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