Sachs Dolmar Saw Specifications

Updated February 21, 2017

Dolmar makes chainsaws, power cutters, hedge trimmers and blowers. Their chainsaws come in many different styles, and the uses range from simple trimming of branches on trees to cutting down the entire tree. The chainsaws are made for beginner arborists to professional loggers. Every chainsaw at Dolmar has the UL or CE mark, meaning they passed the standards required for safety. The specifications of the Dolmar saws vary based on power, displacement and other factors.


Displacement, in simple terms, is how much power the saw puts out. It is equal to the total engine volume displaced by the piston in an internal combustion engine. The larger the displacement, the more power the saw will have. Dolmar saws have varying ranges of displacement. Smaller saws have 2.1 cubic inches of displacement. The largest saw has a displacement of 5.4 cubic inches.


Every Dolmar saw has a power rating. It is the amount of power the saw has and is affected by the displacement. Smaller saws, with less power, have 1.4kW of power or 1.9 horsepower. The highest end Dolmar saw has 4.9kW or 6.9 horsepower. The power of the chainsaws is also measured by engine speed. The engine speed of Dolmar saws range between 12,200 and 13,500rpm. For the most powerful saw, 13,500rpm is the minimum engine speed.

Guide Bar

The guide bar is where the chain rests on a chainsaw. The longer the guide bar, the larger the job the chainsaw can complete. Smaller guide bars can be used for small trimming jobs or for cutting thin boards. Larger guide bars can take on entire trees. The length of the guide bar on Dolmar saws ranges from 14 to 32 inches. Smaller saws generally use 14- or 16-inch guide bars while more powerful saws may use 20-, 24-, 28- or 32-inch guide bars.


Every chainsaw chain has a gauge. The gauge is how thick each link is when placed in the guide bar. The larger the gauge, the larger the chain. Nearly every Dolmar saw has a chain gauge of .050 inches. The largest Dolmar saw has a gauge of .099 inches. Chainsaw chains are measured by the size of the chain, also called the pitch. Dolmar chains have a pitch of 3/8 inches.

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