Types of Bottom Mount Drawer Slides

Updated February 21, 2017

Drawer slides, also known as drawer runners, allow you to operate a drawer smoothly and easily. If you've ever experienced trouble with corroded or sticky drawer hardware, you will appreciate how efficiently the runners can operate when in good working order. Of the many types of drawer slides available, bottom-mount slides combine smooth function with attractive aesthetics. They come in a range of styles to complement various needs.

Standard Bottom-Mount

Bottom-mount, or under-mount drawer slides are a fairly standard offering among drawer hardware lines. The main advantage of the bottom-mount drawer slide, versus a side-mount design, is aesthetic: A bottom-mount slide leaves the side faces of the drawer uncluttered with hardware. If you have wooden or premium cabinetry, you might consider bottom-mount slides to preserve the clean lines or show off the grain of the fine wood. While bottom-mount drawer slides are often used for high-end cabinetry, where style is a main consideration, they are available at a range of price points. Should you prefer bottom-mount slides for a budget product, you can opt for economical bottom-mount models.

Soft-Close Bottom-Mount

A popular variation of the standard drawer slide uses a slight change in the hardware's shape to produce a soft closing effect. Instead of gliding steadily into the closed position, thereby creating a subtle striking noise, these drawer slides use a brake-like mechanism to halt the drawer's movement just before it completely closes. As a result, you can enjoy relative quiet as you cook in the kitchen or work in the office. The soft-close feature is available on many bottom-mount drawer slides, making them a top-of-the-line option both for optimal aesthetics and convenience. Wooden drawers, often well-suited to bottom-mount drawer slides, do especially well with the soft-close feature, as they can otherwise become somewhat noisy.

Heavy-duty Bottom-Mount

If your cabinetry includes a few exceptionally large drawers or if you're planning to stock a single drawer with a collection of heavy meat mallets and thick knives, you may wish to install heavy-duty bottom-mount drawer slides. Operating much like regular slides, these heavy-duty models are capable of providing easy, floating movement under the additional pressure of heavily-stocked drawers. Whereas a standard drawer slide might accommodate 34 Kilogram of weight, a heavy-duty model would accommodate up to 49.9 Kilogram. Often, heavy-duty bottom-mount slides also offer 100-percent extension. Whereas some drawer slides only let you pull out a drawer part of the way, more deluxe or heavy-duty slides let you open the drawer fully, so you can see all of its contents. For a large, lower drawer that contains garbage and recycling bins, a heavy-duty bottom-mount slide with 100-percent clearance is an excellent choice.

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