How to Soften a Refrigerator Seal

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Your refrigerator seal keeps the cold air inside your fridge. When ice begins to build up in the freezer or items in the fridge collect moisture, the seal may be faulty. A hard refrigerator seal will not close properly and may crack. If cracks have not appeared on the seal yet, you may be able to revitalise the gasket. The gasket is easily removed, but take care if it is hard --- any tugging on the seal may cause it to split.

Pull back the lower flange of the rubber gasket to expose the hex nuts underneath.

Loosen the screw underneath the seal using a hex nut driver. Do not remove the screws.

Pull off the seal.

Soak the seal in warm water for five to 10 minutes. Wipe off any dirt with a clean rag. Feel the gasket to see if it has softened slightly. Continue soaking it if necessary until it is soft.

Rub the whole seal with petroleum jelly. This moisturises and protects the seal.

Snap the seal back into the door and tighten the screws.

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