How to Take Out a Built-In Desk to Remodel a Kitchen

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A kitchen desk is a very popular addition in many homes. In some cases, it is the hub of the kitchen, where homework gets done and bills get paid. In other homes, a kitchen desk can be completely useless.

If your home has a separate office or you use your laptop for all of your transactions, you may not need a desk in your kitchen. Take out the desk and replace it with a coffee bar, a wine fridge, extra storage or anything that better suits your needs.

Remove the drawers from the desk. Open any cabinet doors. Look at the back of the desk from the inside. Remove any screws or nails that attach the desk to the wall with a screwdriver.

Slide a utility knife behind the edge of the desk where it meets the wall. Manoeuvre the knife around the edge and break through any adhesive or old paint. Repeat this step along the back of the desk.

Insert the edge of a large putty knife between the desk and the wall. Hold the putty knife in one hand and tap the end with a rubber mallet. Move over 6 inches and repeat. Work your way around the back of the desk, loosening the desk from the wall.

Place the tip of a pry bar behind the top of one side of the desk. Gently pry the desk away from the wall. Move to the other side of the desktop and repeat. Repeat again on both sides at the bottom of the desk. Once the desk is adequately loosened, use the pry bar to pull the desk away from the wall completely.

Remove the dust and debris from the floor and wall with a vacuum. Place a small amount of spackle on a putty knife. Apply the spackle to the wall with the knife. Let the compound dry. Sand the patched area of the wall smooth with medium-grit sandpaper.