Gym cleaning safety checklist

Updated November 21, 2016

Gyms can be considered a public place based on the amount of people that typically go in and out of the facility on a regular basis. Because of this, care and caution must be taken when cleaning a gym. To keep the facility both clean and sanitary, safety precautions must be used at all times -- safety for not only the gym users but also for those cleaning the areas.

Disinfecting Shared Equipment

The variety of equipment located throughout a gym, such as free weights, cycling equipment, lifting benches and elliptical machines, gets used daily by a many people. Even though users are to follow stated and acceptable gym rules of wiping down equipment after each use, a more thorough and deep cleaning must be routinely done in order to ensure total safety. For those cleaning equipment, care must be exercised to make sure an injury does not occur when handling the objects. To make the gym safe, all equipment, machines and accessory items need to be disinfected with a cleaning agent and allowed to thoroughly air dry.

Changing Rooms

Special attention to cleaning floors is essential in gyms. The tendency of damp locker room floors to harbour bacteria and viruses can cause health problems such as athlete's foot, the common cold and even more dangerous viral strains such as MRSA. When cleaning locker rooms, all areas need to be cleaned and sanitised. The floor should be cleaned with a solution that is specifically designed to kill a wide assortment of bacteria. For those cleaning the area, caution should be used along with frequent hand washing and wearing protective gloves.

Showers and Bathrooms

The large number of people that use gym showers and bathrooms make this area one that also deserves special attention. Routine bathroom cleaning can help remove germs, and scrubbing down showers can help stave off the growth of bacteria and mould that grows in such damp areas. While cleaning, workers should keep gloves on and wear shoes to prevent picking up germs that may be lingering on shower walls and floors. The entire area must be disinfected to help ensure the safety of everyone that uses the area.

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