Feature Ideas for Newspapers

Updated March 23, 2017

A news feature for a newspaper is an article slot or column running in a newspaper that goes beyond the regular news. There are typically one or two feature stories running in a newspaper, depending upon its size. The feature story for a newspaper doesn't need to be about something happening in the news. The purpose of the newspaper feature is to go beyond the news and give readers something extra, whether it is entertainment, instruction or enlightenment.

Current News

While many features are something other than current news, using current events as the basis for a feature can lead to a range of features readers may enjoy. The key when using a current news item as a feature is to take readers inside the story. Interview some of the people involved in the story and develop an angle -- or way of approaching the story -- that gives readers another perspective. This type of feature has the benefit of a topic that is current, written from an informative perspective that gives readers another way of understanding the story.


Profiles make good features. Celebrity profiles, whether your subject is in entertainment or politics, are entertaining and often enlightening. A profile is a story combined with interview segments about someone the public is interested in. Local celebrity profiles often make good features. A story about someone locally making it big in business or becoming a star is good material to develop a profile with a local slant. An important business owner or someone from the community with an unusual hobby might make a good feature for a small town paper.


An expose or some type of investigative feature can be successful, especially if the story uncovered and featured has an impact on public safety or spending or brings public awareness to a scam. This type of feature involves not only research, it involves getting as close to a story as possible to bring readers a fully rounded and factual presentation of the core story. When covering situations that might be volatile or exposing a scam, investigative reporting can be dangerous.


Columns make excellent features because there is such a wide variety of potential topics, and columns can help build steady readership. Column ideas include food-related subjects, fashion, advice and entertainment topics. These column features are often written by a single person who becomes identifiable with the readership of the paper.

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