How to Make Business Cards in WordPad

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Creating business cards in WordPad can be tricky, because the program does not have a built-in template. But with store-bought blank business cards and a little tweaking in WordPad, you can create business cards fit for any occupation.

Load a sheet of blank business cards into your printer. These sheets, which can be purchased from many retailers, generally are the size of a standard sheet of paper and have cards that can be separated along perforation lines.

Launch WordPad.

Determine your printer's print area. To do this, click "File," then "Page Setup" and set all margins to 0. When you click "OK," the margins will automatically be reset to the largest possible print area. Remember these settings.

Design your card in WordPad, including all important information about yourself and your company.

Click "File," "Print," and then "Publication and Paper Settings."

Click "Multiple Copies Per Sheet" and set the rows and columns to match the layout of the business card sheet. Typically, it will be two columns and either eight or 10 rows.

Set the top and side margins to match those you determined in Step 4.

Print a sheet of cards. The spacing will probably not come out right on the first attempt.

Return to the "Publication and Paper Settings" menu and adjust the horizontal and vertical gaps based on the position that the cards printed on your sheet.

Save the file when the cards print correctly so that you won't have to tweak the settings again.

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