Funny 60th birthday gifts for women

Updated February 21, 2017

The 60th birthday is a milestone birthday and signifies the transition from middle age to senior. As such, funny gifts given to women during this time often make light of the birthday girl no longer being young. While a gift can be funny, it should also be practical. The recipient should be able to use the gift. For example, denture adhesive may be an amusing gift but useless if she doesn't wear dentures.


Age-appropriate clothing may be both a funny and practical gift. For example, a shawl is sometimes associated with older women, but it is also practical as many women's circulation decreases with age. A sun hat or attire for warmer weather may be a clever way to suggest retirement, as some people move south when they retire.

Spa Treatments

Wrinkles and other beauty marks are considered a part of ageing. Purchasing anti-ageing creams or a treatment at a beauty salon or spa can be a very useful gift with a light jab at ageing. Fortunately, this type of gift is not dependent on budgets. For example, anti-ageing cream may be less than £13 while a full-day treatment at a spa could be several hundred dollars.

Health Care

Ageing bodies need more attention to stay healthy. Purchasing a gym membership, personal training or fitness classes can be a very practical gift. A gift basket containing healthier foods, vitamins and other products designed for a 60-year-old woman can be a fun and appreciated gift.

Gag Gifts

There are times when a gag gift with no practical value can be the best for a laugh. These types of gifts generally poke fun at the person's age. For example, adult diapers or a cane can poke fun at the age. While gifts designed for a much younger woman can have the same effect, gifts like a revealing tube top designed for a teenage girl with a card that says "you can still pull it off" are a good gag. The key is to know the person and tailor the gift for them.

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