The Best Containers for Protein Shakes

Updated April 17, 2017

The best container or cup is a necessity for your protein shakes. Powdered drinks are thick and often get lumpy when mixed, so some containers may not be suitable and can make clean up a bigger chore. Choose the best container or cups for your protein shakes to ensure a fast and easy clean up.


Shakers are the best containers for protein shakes because they require the least amount of clean up and are suitable for use at home or on the go. "Shake" anything you'd like, as the name suggests, when you want it blended, and use the same container for drinking. Shakers are convenient and can be used for making protein shakes or powdered drinks, mixing salad dressings, scrambling eggs and blending batter, to name a few uses. Look in different sections of your local department store for a shaker cup, or ask a sales associate where they may be located.

Clear Glass

If you're mixing your protein powder without a blender, choose to do so in a clear glass with a round bottom and wide mouth. This is the best container choice if you normally mix protein shakes with a spoon. Protein powder has a tendency to clump in crevices while mixing, so the clear glass allows you to see where the powder is undissolved. A glass that is as round as possible ensures easier mixing. An irregular-shaped glass will make the mixing process harder and it will take longer than normal to dissolve all of the lumps.

Dishwasher-Safe Cups

If you drink a lot of protein shakes, consider using dishwasher-safe cups. Dishwasher-safe materials are the best for protein shake containers. The residue from protein shakes can be quite sticky and hard to clean, so the easiest way to clean the containers or cups is to throw them in the dishwasher. If you hand wash, select cups and containers that have an opening wide enough for cleaning. While you may be tempted to pour your protein shake in a water bottle or Thermos with a small spout opening, think twice. You'll have to use a bottle cleaner to get them clean. Use cups and containers that have detachable lids so you can take them apart and easily hand wash.

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