Plants for Damp Shade in the UK

Updated November 21, 2016

When gardening, it is imperative that you take into consideration the setting where you are planting and its inherent conditions. Some flowers require full sun whereas others like part or full shade. Another consideration is the dampness of the ground, which is something that those in many parts of the U.K. face when gardening.

Damp soil and shaded conditions are frequently found in woodland settings. Tall trees provide the shade, resulting in low light for the vegetation, and the soil is wet and peaty. Something that you will notice about damp-loving plants is that they have large leaves that are dark green. This makes them capable of grabbing every bit of sunlight that manages to pass into the damp, shady area. Plants that do well in damp areas are called bog plants because they like heavy, damp soil and the shade.

Bugbane, Compact Hydrangea, Fritilliary

Bugbane, which features pinkish white flowers and dark purple foliage, is a good choice for a wet area. A compact form of a hydrangea, called hydrangea serrata, likes damp soil as does a flower called fritilliary, which flowers in the shade and never dries out.

Marsh Marigold Ficaria

The marsh marigold (caltha palustris) can be planted in damp areas or alongside of ponds. It features a fleshy stems, kidney-shaped leaves and large yellow chalices. A spring-blooming flower that thrives in damp ground is the Ranunculus Ficaria or Brazen Hussy, which has bronze leaves and yellow flowers. The ficaria grows from a rhizome.

Japanese Maples

Japanese Maples are trees that grow well in this type of condition. A maple will grow into a small tree or a shrug and Is a beautiful colour in the fall.

Astilbe, Clematis, Goat's Beard

False Goat's Beard, or Astilbe, is a flower that thrives in damp conditions as does clematis, which is a climbing flower. The scientific name for clematis is Kasmu. Aruncus dioicus (goat's beard) is another plant that likes wetness. It features fernlike leaves and plumes of white flowers.

Lily of the Valley and Ferns

Lily of the Valley boasts dainty white flowers. The flower thrives in damp conditions.Ostrich feather ferns, also known as shuttlecock, do well in damp settings, notes In fact, most ferns do well in this type of environment.

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