Outdoor Tiles That Look Like Brick

Written by alice hudson | 13/05/2017
Outdoor Tiles That Look Like Brick
Outdoor tiles made to look like brick are widely available. (Brick image by Luke Haverkamp from Fotolia.com)

People have used traditional brick made from kiln-fired clay for centuries as a building material. It is still popular for both indoor and outdoor use today. Brick is expensive, however, and can be prone to chipping. If you want tiles for your patio or garden path that resemble brick, consider using brick veneers, faux brick pavers or ceramic brick-look tiles.

Faux Brick Pavers

Faux brick pavers are paving stones that resemble bricks, although upon closer inspection they are unlikely to fool anyone. Faux brick pavers weigh a lot less than authentic brick and there is no need for mortar when installing them. The pavers are made of hard-wearing materials such as UV resistant polypropylene, meaning they are unlikely to crack or chip.

Brick Veneers

In the construction industry veneer or facing refers to surfacing material. A brick veneer is thus a surface material such as concrete with a thin layer of brick over top. Brick veneers are very popular in the U.S. both for interior and exterior use, as they are far less expensive than real brick and can look just like the real thing.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a popular paving material for outdoors. Many types of "brick look" ceramic tiles are available. For example, Marion Ceramics' "BrickTile" range contains tiles of 14 colours and several different sizes. These tiles, while they resemble brick, are not rough to the touch like real brick.

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