Preschool Jungle Theme Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Preschoolers love exploring new things, so try a jungle theme to introduce them to new animals and environments. To make your jungle special, transport your students by decorating the classroom to look like an exotic jungle. Plan games and activities that introduce and detail the plants and animals found in jungles.

Classroom Decoration

Hang fake vines, branches and jungle plants in the lesson from the classroom's ceiling and walls. Make cutouts of trees and animals such as tigers, panthers and monkeys to mount on the walls. Place jungle-themed stuffed animals around the room. To get students involved, trace outlines of their bodies on large pieces of paper and have each student decorate his or her silhouette to represent a jungle explorer.


Try calling out the names of jungle animals such as monkeys, frogs or birds and have the children imitate the sounds and moves each animal makes. Another idea is to play a jungle-themed variation of "Duck Duck Goose." Have the students sit in a circle and substitute jungle animal names for the "duck" and "goose." Add a scavenger hunt where the students try to find small hidden items such as toys or paper cutouts of jungle plants and animals.


Give each student a paper explorer's hat to decorate with materials such as washable markers, fingerpaint or glitter. Ask each student to bring in a white T-shirt to decorate with painted sponge cutouts of jungle plants and animals. Provide plastic googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make jungle insects and animals such as frogs and tigers. Or, cut paper plates into a spiral for students to decorate with paint and markers to resemble tropical snakes.

Snack Time

Use cookie cutters in the shape of jungle animals to cut out cookies, sandwiches or gelatin. Make "ants on a log" by coating a pretzel rod with peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles or raisins. Make "bug juice" using a red fruit punch mix.

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