List of CAD symbols

Updated April 17, 2017

Computer-aided design applies technology to the art and craft of draftsmanship. Drafting tables have given way to large-screen computers and blueprint-sized printers. The symbols and detailed drawings used to interpret and clarify drawings are available in vast libraries of CAD symbols.

Architectural Symbols

CAD symbols for architectural drawings include items from foundation details up to the roof of a building. Symbols for doors and windows, baths and fixtures, kitchens and appliances, furnishing and plants are available from many sources.

Electrical Symbols

All phases of electrical systems and planning are covered by CAD designs. Libraries of CAD symbols include general electrical symbols, electrical service panels, lighting and exhaust fans, electrical sockets, electrical switches, climate control and general lighting.

Engineering Symbols

CAD symbols are available for every stage of project engineering. CAD detail drawings run the gamut from civil engineering to mechanical details, details for pipes and pumping stations, sewer and storm drain details, and water service to a project.

HVAC Symbols

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning symbols cover every technical phase of installing these systems in projects, from a single residence to multistory office buildings.

Plumbing Symbols

Every kind of plumbing can be designed with CAD. Details are available for most plumbing fixtures and installations from the manufacturers of plumbing equipment and supplies.

Plants and Landscaping

Plan and elevation views for hundreds of plants and trees have been created and stored in plant and landscape libraries. Symbols can show both indoor and outdoor plants.

Transportation Symbols

Buses, trains, cars and aircraft are all available as CAD symbols. Parking area specifications and layouts can be designed with CAD to assure proper spacing and turning areas for various vehicles.

Rendering Symbols

The standard presentation for design projects is a colour rendering of the finished item or project. Renderings show a project in various elevations, or eye-level views of a project. Rendering symbols make this a simple task for the user of computer aided design.

2-D and 3-D Symbols

Many CAD symbol libraries are available in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. Two-D symbols are used for plans and drawings; 3-D symbols allow a virtual tour of a project, allowing viewers to walk through a building as if they are really within the finished structure.

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