Ideas for Wrapping Outdoor Trees With Red Ribbon

Updated February 21, 2017

A lot of preparation occurs during the Christmas season -- from gift wrapping to sending cards. Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of the preparation process is decorating for the holiday. Make the outside of your home welcoming during the holiday season with unusual decorating ideas, such as using red ribbons to cover both evergreen and ornamental trees.

Covered with Bows

Add some colour to your trees with bows made of red ribbons. Purchase any type of red ribbon you find attractive from your local craft store. Cut the ribbon and use the cuttings to make bows in a variety of sizes -- small, medium, large and in between. Tie the bows to the branches of either your evergreen or ornamental trees. For a dramatic look, cover the trees with a large amount of bows. To achieve a more subtle look, use just a few bows.

Ribbon Garland

Red ribbon is an ideal material to use for garlands on your outdoor pine trees. Create an interesting look by using different shades of red ribbon, or ribbon that features different designs -- such as red plaid or polka dots. For a more classic look, use the same shade or pattern of red. To wrap the tree with garlands, start at the top of the top and move down, swagging the ribbon as you go and leaving a 5 or more inch gap between the swags. Another option is to clip lengths of the ribbon, tie them to the top of the tree and let them hang down the tree lengthwise.

Around the Trunk

You can also use red ribbon to completely cover the trunk of a bare deciduous tree to make it look like a gift. Here again, choose a colour or pattern of red that speaks to you. Attach the end of the ribbon to the base of the trunk with a tack and wrap it in an upward fashion, going around the entire base of the tree until you reach the branches. Cut the ribbon and secure the end with another tack. Fashion a bow out of a contrasting ribbon and secure it at the centre of the tree trunk.

Another idea is to use red ribbon to make the tree trunk look like a candy cane. Attach a solid red ribbon to the base of the tree and wrap the trunk in an upward spiral, leaving a 3-inch gap between the ribbon as you move up the tree.

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