Romantic Ideas for a Girlfriend's Birthday

Updated November 21, 2016

Giving your girlfriend a romantic birthday gift is the perfect way to show her how much you love her. While you can spend a lot of money on an expensive and elaborate gift, you don't have to empty your wallet to blow her away with a romantic gift. Just get creative and choose something sentimental.

Engraved Jewelry

Jewellery is a favourite gift for many women. For your girlfriend's birthday, go with a ring, bracelet or necklace that features her birth stone or a stone in her favourite colour. Then, have the piece of jewellery engraved with something special. For example, you could have both of your initials in a heart engraved on the back of the jewellery. If you have a romantic pet name for her, engrave that on the jewellery for a romantic touch that will be special to her.


For a romantic birthday date, take her on a picnic to celebrate the big day. You could do this during the day or in the moonlight for maximum romance. Choose a large basket and fill it with picnic items, such as a blanket, plates, napkins and Champagne flutes, along with a chilled bottle of Champagne. Then, fill the basket with one of her favourite meals. You can cook the meal yourself, or get takeout from her favourite local restaurant. If you have the picnic at night, don't forget the candles to set the mood. A picnic with just the two of you will be much more romantic than a dinner at a busy restaurant.


Open your heart to give your girlfriend something romantic that she will never forget. Tell her how you feel about her with a letter or a poem. Be open with her in your writing and tell the specific things you love about her and how she makes you feel. After you have written the letter or poem, copy it neatly onto a piece of heavy card stock. A handwritten letter will be more meaningful than something printed out from your computer. Then, frame the letter or poem and present it to her. She can hang it on her wall and look at it any time she wants to think about how much you love her.

Weekend Away

Rather than buying her a gift that she will open in a matter of seconds, give her a gift that will last all weekend long. Take her away for the weekend to a destination you know she will love. For example, take her to a bed and breakfast in a nearby city with plenty of attractions, such as hiking trails or vineyards. A trip to the beach is another fun idea for a relaxing birthday weekend. Choose romantic activities for the two of you during your weekend trip, such as a couples massage or dancing in the moonlight.

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