Information on Weetabix Collectibles

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Weetabix, a British ceral manufacturer, has been marketing its products for years using collectible items such as cereal box cutouts or redeem-by-mail promotions. Because of their long and international history, Weetabix collectibles may be highly sought after.

If you have Weetabix collectibles that you are interested in selling, or you are looking for Weetabix collectibles to add to your own collection, consider the following information on these Weetabix promotions.


Weetabix was founded in 1932 in the United Kingdom and has been circulating Weetabix collectibles since the very beginning of the company's history. Weetabix did not enter the U.S. market until 1968, so the oldest American Weetabix promotions date back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. Weetabix continues to market its products around the world and has expanded its original cereal products to include breakfast bars and other healthy snacks.


Because many Weetabix collectibles, particularly British collectibles, originate from as far back as the 1930s, many can be found in antique stores or shops specializing in vintage or collectible merchandise. Many Weetabix promotions are also highly valued for their nostalgic value in addition to their monetary worth, since collectibles were marketed featuring favorite popular culture icons like Flash Gordon, Dr. Who and Disney's Robin Hood.


Weetabix collectibles came in several distinct forms. Some promotional items were designed to be cut out of the box, such as scenes from movies or collectible trading cards. Other items came in the box or could be sent for with cut-out tokens, and these included stickers or decals, 3D viewers, toy cars or trucks, books and many other collectible products.


Weetabix promotions are identifiable by their Weetabix logo, which is featured on any collectible item that was produced to market Weetabix products. The Weetabix logo and yellow and red color scheme is featured most prominently on the earliest promotions, such as the toy cars and the 3D viewfinders of the 1930s.

Time Frame

Weetabix continues to market their products using promotions, and most promotions continue to use associations with characters from current movies and television shows. A 2009 promotion, for instance, featured the British animated movie character Shaun the Sheep. Because Weetabix continues to offer promotions, these products may also one day be collectible items just like those marketed in the 1930s.


The value of Weetabix collectibles varies on a number of factors, including the age of the collectible, the quality of the item and how well it has been preserved, whether or not the item contains in-tact original packaging, the demand for the particular type of collectible or promotion series and the rarity of the item. Weetabix collectibles are frequently featured on online auction sites, where you can compare item prices, and are also sold at collectible toy stores, where you can have the value of your Weetabix collectibles appraised.