The top 5 best perfumes

Updated February 21, 2017

Women have been wearing perfume throughout recorded history, and the desire to wear a new fragrance carries with it a hope to make a favourable impression, attract a potential mate and simply to smell nice. Perfume is a gift women give to themselves to set a personal style and is often a gift received from children on Mother's Day or from a significant other on Valentine's Day. The industry brings in about £3.3 billion in sales a year, according to Worldwide Perfume.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre has musky hints and is great for wearing on a first date, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. It has a fruity-floral blend with scents of grapefruit and quince mingled with jasmine absolute essential oil and white musk, a synthetic fragrance, according to Chanel.


Lola, which won seven international awards, is a perfume made by Marc Jacobs. It is the most lauded perfume of 2010, according to View on Fashion Magazine, for its combination of pink pepper, vanilla, geranium and fuchsia peony. It is a sexy fragrance, combining pear and ruby red grapefruit, rose and creamy musk in a warm floral bouquet that is playfully alluring and tempting, according to Marc Jacobs.

Quelques Fleurs

Quelques Fleurs is the best perfume for the classic bride, according to Glamour magazine. A bride can recapture the heady excitement of her wedding every time she takes a whiff of the perfume she wore that day, and Quelques Fleurs has a timeless floral scent, which has remained a secret for 90 years, and gets passed down from mother to daughter through the generations to enhance nuptial bliss.

Nanette by Nanette Lepore

Nanette is a great fragrance for teenagers to wear on prom night, according to Seventeen magazine's list of Best Perfumes for Teens, because it achieves a pleasant flirty essence without going overboard in the floral notes while still remaining a classy scent for dancing the night away. It's a sensual bouquet, according to Nannette Lepore, with an undertone of woods, incense and amber.

With Love...Hilary Duff Eau de Parfum Spray

With Love...Hilary Duff Eau de Parfum Spray is the best celebrity perfume, according to Total Beauty, with women enjoying its honey, vanilla and woodsy notes. Duff's perfume smells sweet, fruity and light without being overwhelming. It has mangosteen and exotic spices, according to the manufacturer, Elizabeth Arden, with cocobolo wood and amber giving it a dramatic signature.

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