How to arrange roses in a rose bowl

OlgaMiltsova/iStock/Getty Images

Arranging flowers into decorative arrangements and centrepieces allows you the opportunity to make use of the flowers growing on your property. Maintaining a rose garden provides you with an abundance of aromatic and colourful blossoms that add beautiful accents to all of your home floral arrangements. Arranging roses into a rose bowl centrepiece proves to be an easy endeavour for even the novice floral crafter and adds beautifying enhancements to your home environment.

Fill the bottom of the clear glass bowl with a pound of marbles. Choose marbles of various colours and designs to create a pleasing appearance.

Fill the glass bowl about halfway full with clean, cold water.

Measure the depth of the bowl with the tape measure.

Cut the stems of the roses to match the measurement of the depth of the glass bowl.

Arrange the roses around the inner wall of the glass bowl, evenly. Keep them closely together, not letting any of them fall to the centre of the bowl.

Place the lotus blossom in the very centre of the bowl. This not only keeps the roses aligned against the inner sides of the bowl, but it adds an accent of colour and texture to offset the roses in your rose bowl.

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