Plants With Leaves That Are Green & White on the Top and Red on the Bottom

Updated February 21, 2017

Plants with multicoloured leaves can be a bright addition to a garden or home. Unlike flowers, the leaves will stay bright colours throughout the year. Plant leaves come in a limited variety of colours and red tones are one of the boldest available. A few types of plants have leaves that are green and white on top and red underneath.

Tri-colour Ginger

This ginger plant has streaks of white and green on the top of the leaves and is a bold red underneath. It grows in shady spots and will flower with little sun exposure.

This plant is short and wide, growing about 30 inches tall and 36 inches wide. It is a perennial plant, but because it grows in tropical conditions, it is treated as an annual in most parts of North America. The scientific name is Stromanthe sanguinea and it is also known as Triostar.

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant has several variations including white and green on top and red underneath. It got its name because it rolls its leaves up at night giving the impression of hands folding in prayer. At dawn, the leaves unfold. This is sometimes audible in areas with a number of prayer plants.

This tropical plant is treated as a houseplant and can leave for many years in the right conditions. Like most tropical plants it prefers a moist, warm environment with well-aerated potting soil. Annual repotting, regular trimming and clean leaves will help the plant thrive.

The plant originated in Brazil and is also called calatheas, never-never plant, bamburanta or ctenanthe

Banana Plant

Some variations of the banana plant have red underneath and green and light green, or green and white on top.

These plants are tropical and often grown as indoor plants. They can also be grown outdoors and under the right conditions they can grow to be 18 feet tall but many smaller varieties are available. The Red Abyssinian Banana, one variation with red leaves, does not produce edible fruit.

Banana plants prefer a warm, moist environment. In order to grow fruit they need plenty of water and to be fed regularly.

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