Easy Flower Arrangement Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Add colour, interest and fragrance to an event or your home with an arrangement of flowers. You don't have to go to a florist for your floral display needs---create your own eye-catching and easy-to-create arrangement with fresh-cut blooms from your garden or with a bundle of store-bought flowers.

One Type of Flower

Use one type of flower to create an elegant bouquet. Gather a collection of your favourite blooms such as hydrangeas, peonies, roses or lilacs. If you use flowers of different lengths, place the taller flowers in the centre of the arrangement and the shorter flowers around the outside. If you use flowers cut the same length, gather them tightly together. Place your arrangement in your favourite vase or a decorative glass or jug.

Floating Blooms

Make an interesting flower arrangement by floating flowers on water. Line the bottom of a crystal or glass bowl with coloured beads and fill it with water. Clip the blooms off hardier flowers, such as zinnias or Gerber daisies, and float them on the surface of the water. Add more interest to the display by floating tea lights in the water.

Cookie Stand Display

Turn a three-level cookie stand into a decorative flower stand. Fill each layer of the cookie stand with blooms cut off their stems. Use one colour flower for each layer---for instance, pink, white and blue hydrangeas for a patriotic 4th of July display. Fill the layers with an assortment of mums, asters, Montauk daisies and even fall-coloured leaves for an autumn centrepiece.

Flowered Branch

Cut a branch from an ornamental tree for an easy flower arrangement. A branch of a flowering dogwood tree, the stem of a pussy willow or a cherry tree branch filled with blooms placed in a tall sterling silver or wood vase creates a contemporary look.

Tea Pot of Flowers

Use a tea pot as the container for your floral display. Use a decorative tea pot that you already own or purchase one from a thrift or antique store. Fill the tea pot with floral foam and insert several of your favourite flowers into the foam. This arrangement is ideal for a tea party or bridal shower.

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