Places to Sell Blood Plasma

Updated February 21, 2017

Students and homeless people have been doing it for a long time. With the present hard financial times, many are strapped for cash and need to make it up any way they can. Donating plasma is not only easy, it pays relatively well, and you are helping potentially save lives. Throughout the United States, there are hundreds of Blood Plasma Donation Centers, non-profit organisations set up to collect and distribute your precious plasma.

Finding a Donation Center Near You

Obviously, the easiest way to way to find a donation centre near you is to search online, but you can also look in your local newspaper, or a college or alternative weekly newspaper, which usually has ads in the back pages near the classifieds. You can also look in your local phonebook. Some blood donation centres also collect plasma; however, the collection and storage process for plasma differs from that of blood, so your local blood bank may not have the proper facilities to extract plasma from its donors. If you are unsure, contact the blood bank to see if it accepts plasma donations.

Common Locations

Depending on the part of the country you live in, you may live nearer to a blood plasma donation centre than you think. There are hundreds of facilities from coast to coast, serving both urban and rural areas, and they are often located near universities, downtown areas or impoverished neighbourhoods. The donor demographic consists mostly of students, urbanites and the unemployed or low-income earners, all looking to earn some easy money. Donating blood plasma pays surprisingly well. Some facilities will pay donors £32 to £48 for their first donation and anywhere from £13 to £26 for each additional donation. Facilities specialising in extracting immunoglobulin (plasma used to create immune deficiency drugs) sometimes will pay up to £65 per donation. That's for roughly two hours of sitting, and because your body regenerates plasma relatively quickly, you can donate twice within seven days. In this economy, donating your plasma can help make ends meet.

International Locations

The United States certainly has a vast amount of blood plasma donation centres, but there are also many clean and safe plasma banks throughout Canada and some in Western Europe. The leading European facilities are located in Austria, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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