Sympathy Gifts for the Loss of a Father

Updated March 23, 2017

Many individuals struggle with what to say when a friend or family member loses a father. Instead of continuing to try to find the right words, select a present to speak for you by buying the individual a sympathy gift. By selecting a gift that is appropriately reflective of the individual that the recipient has lost, you can provide the individual with a lasting token that helps him keep his father in his thoughts.

Framed Photo

Give the grieving family member a visual memory piece by preparing a framed photo. Purchase a classic metal or glass photo frame in which to place the photo. Obtain a photo of the recipient and his father from the recipient's mother or another family member. Create a high-quality copy of this photo, and place it in the frame before giving the gift. To make the present even more meaningful, select a frame the features the word "Dad," or one that is engravable and have a quote about fatherhood or the father-son relationship placed on the photo-holder.

Memorial Jewelry

Select a jewellery piece for your loved one to provide her with a way to remember her father. Buy a necklace or bracelet containing a charm or pendant that reads "Father," or present her with a locket containing an image of her dad. Have the memory piece engraved with the date of her father's death, or a memory-related phrase such as, "We will always remember..."

This jewellery option isn't only appropriate for women, but also for men. Many masculine jewellery pieces containing a father theme are available. Select from one of these more rugged baubles to give male children a wearable memory piece.

Flag Display Case

If the father in question served in the military, give the grieving child a flag display case. Purchase a triangular case specifically designed for the holding of a flag. Many cases of this type bear an engravable plaque. If the one you select has one of these customisable features, have it engraved with the name of the dearly departed as well as the dates of his birth and death.

Memorial Brick

Buy a place in history for the recipient's deceased father by buying a memorial brick. Many community organisations or schools sell bricks as fundraisers. These masonry pieces can be ordered with engraving and, upon the conclusion of ordering, are formed into a walkway or wall. If a sale of this type is going on in your area, buy one of these bricks and have the recipient's father's name placed on it.

This choice is particularly appropriate if the school that the deceased individual attended happens to be selling bricks of this type or if you can have a brick placed in a location that held significance for the departed individual.

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