Cool things to do with bottle caps

Updated November 21, 2016

Reusing items in the home is becoming a popular form of recycling. This movement applies to everything from plastic bottles to aluminium bottle caps. Bottle caps may be small, but you can still use them to make practical and decorative items. You can save money on household items by looking at these metal pieces with a creative eye to create some cool things.


Instead of purchasing novelty refrigerator magnets, recycle bottle caps to hold grocery lists and messages. Glue a photo inside of the bottle cap, and cover it with resin. You can also draw a small picture or glue tiny gears, rhinestones or charms into the bottle cap, and cover these with resin also. Or, create tiny pies with tan felt and beads for berry filling--use strips of tan felt to create lattice work, and hot glue a small pile of beads into the cap. When finished, hot glue a simple circle magnet to the back of the bottle cap.


Instead of purchasing charms and lockets to house photos and memories, turn bottle caps into tiny scrapbook pieces. Pierce the inner edges of each bottle cap with a small finishing nail and a hammer, which will allow you to attach jump or connector rings to the caps. Simply glue down the photos or pictures of your choice into the bottle cap, and paint a coat of clear glaze on top. Take the idea a bit further by gluing tiny keepsakes into the bottle caps, using them like tiny shadowboxes. When finished, either pour clear resin over the glued items or glue a circle of clear mylar over the cap to keep everything in place. You also can connect the caps to make earrings, bracelets, necklaces and belts or even garland for the holidays.


Bottle caps from your favourite beverages can make stylish, modern coasters and trivets for a game or rec room. Simply pierce the edges of the inside of each cap with a finishing nail and a hammer. Slip picture wire through the holes to string five bottle caps together in a circle, which is a simple coaster for a cup. Add a second and third circle of caps to make a trivet for a warm pan.

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