Christening gifts for grandsons

Updated April 17, 2017

For religious families that celebrate the ritual, a baby's christening can be a special day for friends and family to come together. Naturally, most grandparents want to be a big part of the festivities and spoil their little bundle of joy with gifts. With so many cute and frilly girls' items on the market, it can sometimes be hard to buy specifically for boys, but there are plenty of precious options available to celebrate your special little grandson.

Christening Gown

By providing the christening gown, grandparents can feel like they are an integral part of the christening ceremony. Before going out and buying a traditional white gown, though, check with the parents of the child to make sure that they aren't already planning to use a family heirloom from the other side of the family. They may also not wish to use a traditional gown at all, in which case you can offer to buy a suitable, more modern outfit. Either way, it is best to respect their wishes. If they do give you the go-ahead, however, the gown is a good way to present the baby with something that will last as a keepsake for the rest of his life.

Religious Items

Since a christening is by definition a religious ceremony, this is a rare occasion where it is always appropriate to give a religious-themed gift. A cross with your grandson's name and the christening date inscribed on it is a nice choice. There are also some cute and boy-appropriate jewellery items available including child-sized rosaries or tiny silver crosses that can be saved for when the boy is older. A plaque with a religious saying or a short prayer that can be hung in the child's room would also be appropriate. If the child's godparents are not giving him a Bible as a gift, a nice leather-bound Bible is another option to consider.

Personalised Memories

Christening gifts are often meant to serve as a way to preserve the memory of the ceremony for the child, who is obviously too young to remember it himself. As a grandparent, this aspect of gift giving is probably particularly important to you. Many grandparents choose to give gifts like silver-plated picture frames, inscribed with details about the christening. There are also companies that will make pieces of art, personalised with your grandson's name and christening date. If you want to give a special gift that will also save the child's parents some time and work, offer to put together a special photo album or scrapbook commemorating the event.

Fun Gifts

In addition to a gift that acts like a keepsake, some grandparents also want to give their precious grandson a special toy or a gift that he can play with immediately. Fun ideas for christening gifts include little teddy bears, cute personalised T-shirts, or if you want to be more traditional, silver-plated baby rattles. You can also buy a child's storybook that tells a story that is highlighted by Christian beliefs.

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