Inexpensive Sentimental Birthday Gifts for Dad

Updated February 21, 2017

Sentimental gifts to a dad from a son or daughter evoke or provide memories and are cherished for years. To the man who has accumulated all sorts of worldly possessions in his youth, consider an inexpensive gift that takes him down memory lane and reminds him of the past. Consider items or activities the recipient will enjoy seeing or doing when deciding on the most suitable yet inexpensive sentimental gift.


Create a scrapbook for your dad that helps him reminisce and treasure golden memories. Hunt for old photos from as far back as you can, preferably from when he was young, along with those of your young mother, their marriage, her pregnancies, your and your siblings' births, school events, family vacations, sacraments and other important occasions you can document. Also rummage for other memorabilia that offer a glimpse from the past, such as cutouts of a piece of clothing that was your mom or dad's favourite back then, the trim from your christening dress and other items. Paste all the items in chronological order -- starting with the oldest piece -- and continue until the most recent one. Write captions around photos and include pages for the recipient to write his own memory of the event. Your dad will love this inexpensive, sentimental gift that provides him a flashback of his life whenever he feels nostalgic.

Picture Album

A picture album, similar to a scrapbook, is an inexpensive, sentimental gift suitable for most dads. Rummage through old photos of your dad to include the oldest one, along with pictures that depict a special event, such as his marriage, honeymoon, wife's pregnancies, births of his children, their schools, road trips, birthdays, anniversaries, children's marriages and grandchildren. Begin placing the photos in chronological order, in a special, leather-bound photo album, with a caption under each. Your dad will appreciate the compilation that takes him down memory lane, and have plenty of stories to tell that revolve around each photo.

Your Company

Take the day off work and arrive early at your dad's place so you dedicate the entire day to him. The elderly don't usually admit how lonely they are, especially if their significant other has passed away. Make this birthday really special by spending the day with him. Elderly men who live on their own have plenty to do around the house. Prepare breakfast, clean the house, do the laundry and pack a picnic lunch and take him to a local park or a place of significance where he would take you when you were little. Spread a blanket on the grass and talk about old times with your dad. Listen to his stories and ask questions that help you bond. You and your dad will fondly cherish the memories of this birthday forever.

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