Gifts for 60 year-old men

Updated February 21, 2017

Honour your soon-to-be 60-year-old father, husband, grandfather, brother, uncle or friend with an appropriate gift that makes him feel special on his birthday. Most men this age do not desire worldly possessions because they have accumulated everything in their youth. Consider an item that reflects his past, strengthens his family life, makes him more comfortable or eases a job for him.


Give the recipient a scrapbook that preserves important memories from his past. Rummage through old photo albums to include pictures from when the soon-to-be 60-year-old was younger to more recent pictures. Look for pictures from days of his schooling, sports events, marriage, births of his children, family vacations, school events, road trips, children's marriages and grandchildren. Also include memorabilia such as a cutout of his old handkerchief or decorative trim from his wife's wedding dress. Paste all the items in chronological order to structure the scrapbook and write a caption under each. Leave a few lines empty for the recipient to include his own memory. Go through the scrapbook with the recipient together so he narrates instances from his past as they unfold before his eyes.

Hobby Gift Hamper

Unless the 60-year-old starts his own business after he retires, he probably has time now to pursue a hobby. Depending on what the senior recipient likes, give him a hamper containing paraphernalia for the hobby of his choice. Include a set of golf clubs, golf balls, golf cap, tees, ball markers and a divot repair set if he's always been passionate about the sport but never had the time for it. Give him a tracksuit, cap, pedometer and new pair of jogging shoes to push him to walk or jog, improve cardiac activity, get fresh air and socialise. If the recipient has a coin or stamp collection, give him a rare coin to complete a set or a sturdy album to place the historic treasure in. The ardent gardener will prefer a hamper filled with different gardening tools, seed packets, soil thermometer, a gardening book and a watering can with his initials across the front. A chef will appreciate a hamper containing a new cookbook, basic ingredients to his favourite meal, personalised apron and speciality wine.

Comfort Gifts

The aches and pains associated with old age begin to kick in by the time people cross the big 60. With that in mind, give the recipient a gift that eases the pain of arthritis or makes lounging around the home more comfortable. Consider a personal massage kit that fits easily into any recliner and focuses on the back and neck; a soft, woollen sweater to keep the cold out; a heated throw or a pair of slip-proof slippers for use in the bathroom.

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