Funny Gifts for Swimmers

Updated February 21, 2017

Swimmers often spend hours in the pool every day practicing their strokes and preparing for competition. They are known to be dedicated, smell faintly of chlorine and occasionally have a green-tinted blonde hair. If your swim team is having a gift exchange, you need to pick something for your swim coach, or you just want a gift for a friend who swims, choose something that relates to the water in funny ways.

Inflatable Swimming Aids

Give your favourite swimmer something to help him stay afloat in the middle of a tough swim workout. One funny gift would be a pair of inflatable flotation devices to wear on the upper arm. Although these are typically designed for kids who are learning to swim, you should be able to find them in adult sizes as well. An inner tube, inflatable parrot or inflatable palm tree would also be funny.

Bath Toys

Swimmers love being in the water, so you could give a swimmer some toys to enjoy the water at home in the bathtub. The aisle for bath accessories at any kids' store should have plenty of items to choose from, ranging from the basic yellow rubber duck to plastic toy ships and all sorts of toys for pouring water through. If you would like to throw in a serious present as well, pick out some nice bath salts or bubble bath.

Funny Swim Caps

Swimmers often take pride in their swim caps, which are one way to express their personality in the pool. Select swim caps with amusing sayings or funny pictures, such as a swim cap depicting a shark's fin so the swimmer can look scarier in the water. Speciality swim stores sometimes offer a service to make custom swim caps, in which case you could give a swim cap printed with an inside joke or something personalised to the swimmer.

Funny T-shirts

Let your swimmer show some pride wearing a T-shirt with a funny swimming-related slogan such as, "Eau de Chlorine: Swimmer's perfume" or "Oxygen is overrated." If you know what stroke the swimmer specialises in, get a shirt with a slogan such as, "Why crawl when you can fly?" or "I swim because IM," which is for the swimmer who swims all of the strokes in the individual medley event.

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