Activity Ideas for Nursery Children

Updated February 21, 2017

Nursery school is often the place where young children receive their first tastes of education and socialisation. While reading, writing and simple math are sometimes part of a nursery school program, the children are also there to enjoy themselves while their parents are away at work or elsewhere. There are many activities that can entertain and help a child learn at the same time.

The Weather Map

Teaching students about different kinds of weather through the use of a classroom weather map will encourage the children to be more observant and allow them to learn about their environment. They will also learn to associate the different weather patterns with the seasons or what to wear.

Draw a simple picture of the town where the nursery school is located. You could even use a photo of the nursery school exterior. Hang the picture on the wall of the classroom near a window. Using coloured construction paper, cut out a black cloud, a white cloud, a blue sky, a yellow sun, blue raindrops and white snowflakes. Put a strip of hook and loop fastener on top of the picture and place small pieces of the opposite side of the fastener on the back of each cutout. Each morning, ask one child to look out of the window and figure out which cutouts will best represent that day's weather and stick them to the picture.

Handprint Elephants

An easy craft project for young children in nursery school to complete is a handprint elephant. These cute art projects are done using grey finger paint, plain white paper, googly eyes, scissors and glue.

Pour the grey paint into a dish and have each child dip his hand in the paint to cover his fingers and palm. Press his hand onto the paper with the thumb extended out to the side. When the paper is turned upside down the four fingers become the elephant's legs and the thumb becomes the trunk. Allow the paint to dry and then glue the googly eyes in place and cut out the elephant.

This activity will help the child learn about animals of the world and will inspire his creative development, according to the Nursery Activity Ideas website.

Dance or Exercise Session

Although young children do not have as hard a time getting going in the mornings as older folks, they can still benefit from an early morning session of movement and exercise. Every morning, play music to get the students to take part in an organised dance or exercise session.

Have the children clap to the music and dance around any way they choose for a few minutes. You may wish to have them do simple exercises, such as jumping jacks or running in place, to get their bodies stimulated for the day's learning ahead. This is a good way to start the day for all kids; their bodies and minds will be more alert as a result.

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