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Updated April 17, 2017

First released in 1990 by Microsoft, Wingdings is a font that uses symbols instead of traditional letters and numbers. The initial Wingdings font had a wide range of symbols, from religious symbols and telephone symbols to shapes. There are three versions of Wingdings, and Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3 were introduced around the same time as the original Wingdings. Wingdings 2 is similar to the original Wingdings, but Wingdings 3 is markedly different; it has only arrow symbols. Wingdings is closely related to the Webdings font.

Wingdings 1

Make different symbols appear by using upper case and lower case letters. With numbers, you must press the "Shift" key to change the symbols, as lower and upper case mode will just reveal the same symbols. You will uncover more symbols by repeating this process with the punctuation keys, plus and minus keys, and other miscellaneous keys. By typing the capital letter "J," you will see a smiley face. Typing the capital letter "K" will reveal a neutral face, and the capital letter "L" will reveal a sad face. Using upper case letters in Wingdings, type sign language hand gesture symbols between letters "A" and "I." View all the symbols of the Wingdings font through the Character Map in Windows XP. Go to "All Programs," then "Accessories," then "System Tools" and finally "Character Map." Change the font to "Wingdings." You can repeat this process for Wingdings 2 and Wingdings 3.

Wingdings 2

In Wingdings 2, try typing your telephone number. The numbers will have a circle around each one, making them look more like clip art than text. Typing in lower case, you will find that "i"' will reveal the number "0." The numbers 1 through 9 can be gleaned by typing lower case "j" through "r." Find sign language hand gesture symbols using upper case "A" through "N." Two other useful symbols are a cross and a tick in boxes. By typing "Q" in upper case, a cross in a box symbol will appear, and when you type the letter "R," a tick in a box symbol will be revealed. These are especially helpful when creating polls or questionnaires. Increasing the point size of the font to 72 will make the symbols stand out significantly.

Wingdings 3

Type a lower case "w" for a forward-pointing arrow sign with a white background. Type "v," and a backward-pointing arrow with a white background will appear. Type "u," and a forward-pointing arrow with a black background will appear. Type "t," and a backward-pointing arrow with a black background will appear. Most arrow symbols in Wingdings 3 will be considerably thinner than these four.

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