How to Insert a Backslash on a Dell Keyboard

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The backslash is a mark of typography often used in computer programming. If you want to insert one in a word-processing document or in a space for computer programming, you can do so by pressing the key which corresponds to the symbol. On a Dell keyboard, the backslash in typically placed near the "Enter" key, but in same cases may be set inconspicuously as a secondary keyboard function. If your Dell keyboard is completely lacking a backslash key, you can remap your keyboard with a free computer program so that a key of your choosing performs the backslash function.

Locate the backslash key on your Dell keyboard. Though there are a variety of Dell keyboards, the backslash key is typically located adjacent to the "Enter" key, which is the large key on the right side of the keyboard. The backslash key is paired with the symbol of a vertical broken bar.

Open the application in which you wish to insert the backslash. The backslash is commonly inserted into a word processor, Internet search bar or computer programming application.

Once in the application of your choice, press the backslash key once for a single backslash symbol.

Download the free version of "Keyboard Remapper" from the link in the "Resources" section of this article.

Launch Keyboard Remapper by double-clicking the file named KeyboardRemapper.exe from the downloaded file.

Select "Add new key combination" from the main screen of Keyboard Remapper.

When the wizard opens, select "Click To Type In The Combination." Type in a key combination that you would like to act as your backslash function. For example, if you want the backslash symbol to appear every time you press "Alt" and "4", then hold "Alt" and the number "4" and select "Click THIS Button where you're done!"

Select "Type Some Text" from the drop-down menu in the following page of the wizard.

Find a backslash symbol. Open a document containing a backslash symbol and copy it by highlighting the backslash, right-clicking and selecting "Copy." If you do not have a document with a backslash symbol, you can also find one on the Internet and copy it in the same manner.

In the text box next to "Type Some Text" in the wizard, paste the backslash by right-clicking and selecting "Paste."

Select the "Finish" button.

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