Dress Styles for Pear Shaped Women

Written by indigo zuri | 13/05/2017
Dress Styles for Pear Shaped Women
For a pear shaped figures, choose dresses with upper body interest. (Mannequins wearing beautiful evening dresses. image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.com)

For the pear shaped woman, finding a figure-flattering dress requires knowing what styles work best to remove attention from her weight bearing hips, thighs and rear. This silhouette, also referred to as a triangle shape, benefits most in frocks that accentuate the upper body, while simultaneously removing attention from the body's lower half. Sticking with this technique will ensure an overall balanced look every time.

Bodice Detailed Dress Style

Bodice-detailed frocks work ideally to add interest and volume to a pear shape's smaller upper frame. Seek dresses with bodice features such as ruffles, pleats or beading. Avoid dresses with any detailing below the waist.

Fitted, Open Neckline Dresses

Dresses with fitted, open necklines create visual space, giving a pear shaped figure the overall illusion of broader shoulders. Dresses with scoop necklines or wide-set straps, as well as strapless dresses with sweetheart necklines, draw the eye outward towards the shoulders. Low V-necklines add volume to the chest, helping to balance out full hips.

Wrap Dresses

Another style of dress that offers two significant benefits for the pear shaped figure is the wrap dress. First, the crisscross bust creates illusions of a smaller waist and broader shoulders. Second, the bottom layer of fabric skims, rather than hugs, the hips. For versatility, seek a neutral colour with short-sleeves.

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