Avon House Party Game Ideas

An Avon house party can be an entertaining event filled with friends, food and beauty products. For the Avon representative, a house party is a good way to get orders and build a customer base. For the hostess, an Avon house party could be a way to earn free beauty products, skin care products or jewellery items. Playing games at the party helps break the ice; game winners could receive a small gift or put their name in a drawing for a larger prize.

Word Game

Hand out one or two Avon "gifts" to the guests before making your opening speech about the company and its products. Pick a word that you will use repeatedly in your presentation, such as "exclusive," and tell the guests to pass the gift to the person on their right every time you say the word. This will keep their attention during your presentation, and when you are finished, the guests holding the gifts get to keep them.

Handbag Game

Make a short presentation listing a number of points about Avon products, policies or perks. Some examples of points to make include discounts, campaigns and products. Have each guest sit her handbag on her lap, and read out the first letter of each point, one at a time. Ask your guests to find an item in their handbags that begins with the letter you have called out. The first guest to produce an item gets a ticket for the prize drawing. Once there has been a winner for each letter, tell the guests which word starts with the given letter and talk about how it relates to Avon. For example, if the first letter in the game was "D," tell guests about any discounts they will receive that evening if they purchase a product.

Question and Answer Time

A short question and answer time between the Avon representative and the party guests can be a fun way for people to find out more about the Avon opportunity, as well as earning tickets for the prize drawing. Each guest who asks or answers a question receives a ticket, and the representative has the opportunity to share information about Avon.

Naming Game

Have each guest write down the answer to a question, such as which U.S. states end with the letter "A" or which countries begin with the letter "B." Have the answers written down in advance, and give prize drawing tickets to the guests who get all the answers correct.

Brochure Game

Look through your current Avon brochure for a small picture of a product that might usually get overlooked. Give each guest a copy of the Avon brochure and tell them what product to look for. The first guest to find the product might win a small prize or get some extra tickets for the prize drawing.

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