Ideas for 4th Anniversary Men's Gifts

Updated December 12, 2017

Every anniversary has both traditional and modern gifts associated with them. The fourth anniversary traditionally includes gifts of flowers, fruit and books, while the modern gift is linen, silk, and nylon. Use these items to get the perfect gift for your man on your fourth anniversary. These can all be given in creative ways to make your anniversary gift special.


Flowers are a traditional gift to give on the fourth anniversary, however, giving flowers to the man is not always traditional. Instead you can plant a flower in a ceramic pot and paint the pot for him. Paint and ceramic pots can be found at most craft stores. Plant a flower like the tulip, which represents a declaration of love. Another way to give flowers is to give your husband a package of seeds for different flowers and write a note telling him you want to grow a garden and grow together as your garden grows. Or if he has been wanting a garden, but hasn't found the time, take a day off work while he is out and plant a flower garden to surprise him.


Fruit is a traditional gift for fourth anniversaries. Give him a membership to the fruit of the month club if he likes fruit and trying new things. Another option is to have an array of sensual fruits like strawberries and grapes. You can even have a small chocolate fondue fountain ready and waiting for him when he gets home. If you have a place in your backyard, plant a fruit tree for him that grows his favourite fruit. Check to make sure the tree you choose is sustainable in your area.


Materials like linen, silk, and nylon are all modern fourth anniversary gifts. You can get him man different gifts to match his hobbies or what he likes. For example, if your anniversary is in summer, get him a nice pair of white linen trousers. Or buy a new set of silk sheets. He will love the feel of these and they are something you can enjoy together. Many things are made from nylon, like backpacks. If he enjoys outdoor activities, get him an new hiking and camping backpack.


Give him a rare book that he loves. For example, if he is a fan of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, get him the first editions of these. You can find books online, at antique stores, and private book shops. First editions are hard to come across, and often expensive, so find the earliest edition you can afford. You can also make him a photo book. These are coffee table books that include any pictures you want. Make him a book chronicling the past four years you two have shared together.

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