How to Gift Wrap a Guitar

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It's exciting when you buy that wanted gift of a guitar for someone you love. But you have no idea how best to gift wrap it; and you do not have a box big enough to hide its obvious musical shape. The trick is to make the guitar seem like something else. Do this by using padding which helps to protect the guitar and serves to disguise the fun surprise.

Pad around the neck of the guitar with crumpled balls of gift tissue, gift wrap, scraps of material or foam pieces. Tightly fix the padding together using tape. Next, pad the body of the guitar to protect it and to change its obvious shape. Be creative with the padded shape to tease the recipient in the attempt to maintain the surprise.

Wrap the guitar in two stages. Use a roll of plain gift wrap paper to avoid having to match up patterns. Cut a length of gift paper to wrap around the body of the guitar at least twice to cover it well. Lay the paper flat width ways, with inside side face up. Place the guitar body down flat in a horizontal position. Make sure to leave a few inches of paper over at the side to wrap the bottom of the guitar. Place a strip of double-sided tape along the inside edge of the gift wrap. Stick the edge to the guitar to keep the paper in place while wrapping. Wrap the length of paper around the body of the guitar (not the neck). Fold over the remaining edge of paper by an inch to produce a neat edge before sticking down to the gift. Place strips of double-sided tape along the seam edge. Align and stick down.

Seal up the tail end of the guitar body. Trim the paper to create a straight edge to work with or to cut away the excess. Press the paper down flat and fold in the two corners inward to create a triangle or wedge shape flap. Place pieces of double-sided tape along the edges and stick the flap to the guitar to seal.

Cut a length of paper to wrap around the padded neck of the guitar. Wrap this end in the same way as in the previous two steps.

Stick down the joining seam between the two sheets of paper with strips of double-side tape.

Cut some gift ribbon and stick it around the seam to hide the paper join. Create a ribbon cross by sticking ribbon around the other way. Attach a big bow and tag to accessorise and complete the gift.

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