Great Gifts for the Gambler

Updated March 23, 2017

Finding a perfect gift is difficult, especially when you don't know what a person really likes. However, if the recipient has special interests or hobbies, such as gambling, this simplifies your gifting options. Many gamblers appreciate gaming-related presents, such as a personalised poker set or plastic playing cards. These types of gifts are easy to find and most are economical.

Poker Table

If the gambler likes to play games at home, consider giving him a poker table. Poker tables range from £65 for lower-end models to several thousand dollars for higher quality tables. To pick the best table, consider its composition and details. The base should be made of thick and sturdy wood with a nice layer of felt on the playing surface. Additions, such as steel cup holders, add convenience and interesting detail. When choosing a higher-end table, purchase from a company that specialises in custom-built tables, such as Stine Game Tables.

Las Vegas Vacation

Plan an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas. Call a travel agent to find a package deal that includes travel and lodging expenses. Purchase gift tokens for restaurants near the hotel. Or, reserve tickets for a show or entertainment venue. Place all itinerary items, including the airline tickets, hotel reservations and gift tokens, in a Las Vegas-themed card and write a special note about the trip inside.

Playing Cards

Paper playing cards become soiled and damaged due to extensive and frequent handling. Give the gambler a new deck of plastic playing cards. Stains won't ruin them, so they will last longer than a paper deck. Customise the details of the deck to make the gift more personal. Various companies offer personalised card decks, allowing you to specify the size of the print on the cards and add images or the recipient's name on the back of each card. Choose a decorative card deck holder, such as one made of sterling silver, and have the recipient's initials engraved on it.

Novelty items

Novelty items, such as gambling-themed clothing or accessories, can be alternative gifts when you can't decide what to purchase. There are various gambling novelty items from which to choose. For male gamblers, try cuff links shaped like dice or a tie with a poker chip design. For females, choose a silver or gold bracelet with various charms shaped like gambling items attached. Coffee cups, silverware, books and T-shirts with funny gambling quotes are other novelty items from which to choose.

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