Text Message Compatible Landline Phones

Updated March 23, 2017

You don't have to restrain text messaging activities only to mobile phones. You can even send text messages to landline numbers. Most text message services allow such messaging to text-message compatible U.S. phone numbers that are listed in White Page directories. The recipient of the text message could also reply to your message from the landline.

Receiving Text Messages

When you send a text message from your mobile phone, it gets recorded in a human voice. Your SMS service then sends the recorded message to the landline as a phone call. If the recipient picks up, she gets a recorded message asking if she would like to receive a text message from your number. If she accepts the call, the message is read to her. In case the recipient does not pick up the call, the recorded text message gets delivered to the landline's voicemail and the recipient can retrieve it later.

Responding to Text Messages

The recipient of your text message can also reply back to you from his landline. When the message notifying delivery of your text message is received, the SMS service also asks the person answering the landline if he wants to respond to the text message. If the recipient responds affirmatively, he can send a reply and you will get a text message that will provide a phone number for you to retrieve the message.

Sending Text Messages from Landline

With a text-message compatible landline phone, you can also send text messages from your landline, much as you would from your mobile phone. You will have to connect the text-message compatible phone to your landline. For instance, Telstra, an Australian company, offers a service that allows users to send and receive text messages from their phone lines.

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