Princess Daisy Costume Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Princess Daisy is a character who appears in Nintendo games such as Super Mario Land, Mario Kart and Mario Party. Also known as the Princess of Sarasland, she resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. With the proper planning and supplies, you can create a Princess Daisy costume.


The outfit in which Princess Daisy is most commonly seen consists of a long dress and white gloves. Her dress is yellow with two orange ruffles at the bottom and orange panniers around the waist to accent its frame. The character appears in several sports-themed games where she's dressed differently, and these outfits would also make good costume options. Her baseball outfit consists of orange short-shorts and a yellow tank-top in addition to the standard accessories. The princess' winter outfit is orange leggings and a yellow minidress. Look at pictures of the Daisy outfit of your choice to get an accurate picture of the details you'll need for the costume.


Accessorise a Princess Daisy outfit with a large, turquoise brooch and matching earrings. Make these with objects found at a craft shop or browse old jewellery at a thrift shop for something similar. Top off your head with a gold crown that has the same turquoise jewels as her other accessories. If you choose a sports outfit, add accessories like a baseball glove or soccer ball.

Physical Characteristics

A costume that includes aspects of a character's physical features adds an element of realism. Princess Daisy has long, wavy auburn red hair. Find a wig that fits this description for use with your costume. For additional detail, use blue contact lenses if your eyes aren't blue.

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