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Updated February 21, 2017

A good way to make a little bit of extra money is to do what you love and sell your wares. For crafty folks, the list of items you can make and sell at craft fairs, markets or online is seemingly endless. Start small, see what people like to buy and what you like to make and build on what works for you.

Baking and Food Items

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen making candies, jams, baked goods, or sandwich spreads, consider starting a small business and selling what you can promote as homemade and local. Your local farmer's market can be a great place to start selling. Also look into setting up a booth at local festivals and craft fairs.

Sewing and Knitting Products

If you're skilled at needlecrafts or enjoy knitting and have run out of friends to give sweaters and scarves to, build up your collection and sell your creations. Making your pieces distinctive can give you an edge in the marketplace. Take photos and sell them online, or participate in local craft fairs where you can talk up your work to those in attendance.

Paper Crafts and Artwork

If you would rather make cards for friend's birthdays instead of browsing through the aisles at your local card store, try making and selling them at craft fairs, on commission, or online. Doing special orders for friends can be both meaningful and get you a bit of cash. If you're a photographer or artist, make products from your work.

Other Fun Things to Make & Sell

From time to time, you've probably made something that you enjoyed that turned out to be useful. Take stock of your creativity and consider the possibility of making a small business spring from that moment of ingenuity. Ask yourself if others would enjoy those pretty fridge magnets, the creative storage box, or knotted rug you created. If you think they would, you may be on your way to starting a small business.

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