The Differences Between the Lexus IS350 & ES350

Updated March 23, 2017

The Lexus IS and ES are both luxury automobiles built by the Lexus division of Toyota motors. While the ES is often dismissed as a "re-badged" Camry, the IS lineage is derived from the Japanese Toyota Altezza. Both vehicles seat five passengers and offer similar fuel economy. Generally, the main distinction tends to be characterised as comfort versus performance. The IS is designed for performance enthusiasts, while the ES is designed for those seeking a little more cabin room and a more plush interior, according to Lexus.


The IS 350 and ES 350 occupy different price points in the Lexus line up. The performance oriented IS is priced at about £29,250, which is about £6,500 higher than the more lushly equipped ES. features and options. Both vehicles feature a 50,000 mile/48 month warranty, a 70,000 mile/72 month power train warranty and free roadside assistance. Lexus prices these vehicles competitively with similar offerings from other luxury auto manufacturers.


The Lexus ES 350 wins the day when it comes to luxury appointments. In addition to standard features on the IS 350, the ES 350 has the option of including real wood interior trim, memory mirrors and premium sound system. The ES 350 also offers a considerably larger interior. The ES 350's 95.4 cubic feet beets the IS 350's 85.7 cubic feet by a considerable margin of almost 10 cubic feet. Additional safety features available only on the ES 350 include rain sensing window wipers and front occupant airbag sensors. A leather upgrade to the vehicles interior is available on both models.

Performance Features

The Lexus IS 350 is built for consumers that thirst for a high performance vehicle. Performance features available only on the IS 350 include All Wheel Drive and a more powerful engine. While both models offer a standard V6 engine, the IS 350's high performance engine produces 306 horsepower to the ES 350's 268. The IS 350 engine also produces a similar advantage in torque. The IS 350 produces 277 foot-pounds (ft/lb.) of torque to the ES 350's 248ft/lbs.


The ES 350 is a larger vehicle than the IS 350 in every aspect. The overall length of the ES 350 is over 10 inches longer than the IS 350 (191.1 inches versus 180.3 inches). The ES 350 wheelbase is also almost 2 inches longer, giving the ES 350 a slightly better ride. The ES 350 features slight advantages in headroom, shoulder space and foot room. A minimal advantage in boot space also belongs to the ES 350.

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