Rinehart exhaust tips

Written by janine logue | 13/05/2017
Rinehart exhaust tips
Exhaust tips can complete the look of a customised motorcycle. (motorcycle image by Bionic Media from Fotolia.com)

Rinehart Racing manufactures performance exhaust systems for motorcycles. The company also produces slip-on mufflers for motorcycles and exhaust tips for Rinehart True Dual exhaust system pipes. Rinehart makes only one style of exhaust tip for its pipes, but there are third party companies that make custom exhaust tips to fit the Rinehart brand of exhaust systems.

Rinehart Exhaust Tips

The Rinehart company refers to its exhaust tips as "end caps". The company makes only one style of end cap: a round pipe with a tapered end. The exhaust tip has the Rinehart logo etched in to the edge. The caps are available in black and chrome finishes to match the style of Rinehart exhaust on the motorcycle. Each tip is 3.5 inches in diameter and cost £51.90 each direct from Rinehart, as of October 2010.

Kewlmetal Exhaust Tips

The Kewlmetal company manufactures a third party exhaust tip for use with the Rinehart 2.5 inch diameter exhaust pipes. The 2.5 inch Rinehart pipes are found on Victory motorcycles. The exhaust tips are made from billet aluminium and chrome finished with an extreme slant cut. The tips cost £164.40 from King Pin Cruisers as of October 2010.

Kewlmetal also produces a set of exhaust tips that are cut to resemble flames for the Rinehart exhaust system. The flame tips are £194.90 from Cycle Solutions as of October 2010.

Covingtons Cycle City Exhaust Tips

Covingtons Cycle City makes a set of black and chrome finished exhaust tips that fit Rinehart True Dual exhaust pipes. The tips are round with slots carved out of the sides. When looked at head-on the tips resemble a gear. The exhaust tips are made of billet aluminium and are machined in the United States. Covingtons Cycle City tips are sold in pairs for £142.9 at J P Cycles as of October 2010.

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