Gifts for a 10-Year-Old Girl

Updated February 21, 2017

A 10-year-old girl is still a child but has now entered the category of preteen She has started to leave childhood toys, such as dolls and blocks, and is starting to branch into more mature items. She has her own personality and already knows what she likes and wants. That does not mean you can't branch out into other territories. If she is immersed in make-up, she might also enjoy arts and crafts or a baking set of her own. So, forget the Barbies, Bratz and toy poodle puppies--she is growing up and ready for more grown-up gifts.

Beauty Products

Your 10-year-old girl may have started to express interest in make-up, it may be time to get her some products of her own. Numerous stores that carry women's make-up also carry beauty products catered to the younger generation. Get her a palette of sparkly eyeshadow in a variety of colours, a tube of flavoured lip gloss or a package of different nail polishes. A make-up mirror is also an option.

Room Decor

A 10-year-old girl may be expressing an interest in making her bedroom her own. Instead of getting her a poster featuring the hippest teen heartthrob, branch out. If you allow her to have a telephone, get one specifically for her in the shape of a pair of lips. A mirror in the shape of a flower can also adorn her room. New funky bedsheets with a matching decorative pillow would be a nice accent.


No one likes to be bored, and entertainment such as music, movies and books are excellent gifts for a 10-year-old girl. Pay attention to what she likes. If she likes supernatural stories, books such as Goosebumps or Fear Street (both by R.L. Stein) are good choices. If fantasy or science fiction movies are her thing, Star Wars or Harry Potter would hit home. If she has a portable music player, get her a gift card to download music online so she can choose her own songs.


Maybe the 10-year-old girl has a creative streak in her. Nurture that with some arts and crafts sets. You can get her a child-approved sewing machine, a beading set to make jewellery or some paint and bare ceramic pots. Or, stick with the basics and buy her a large drawing kit with a pad of drawing paper.

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