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Updated March 24, 2017

TomTom is a Dutch company that specialises in global positioning systems. Apart from its navigation software that it offers for mobile devices, the company also has a range of GPS devices for use in vehicles. To ensure that the maps displayed on the TomTom device are always the most accurate and recent ones, users can update their TomTom device with the free TomTom Home software. There has, however, been reported issues with this feature.

Installation Error

Update error message: "Cannot Install This Item: Ephemeris File: This File Is Included With the Item But Should Not Be There: ito.dat"

According to the TomTom support department, the file that is reported as missing is used to run its "QuickGPSfix" feature. This feature is simply an improvement that allows the device to better receive GPS signals. To fix this problem and allow the "QuickGPSfix" update to download normally, the "Ephemeris" file will need to be renamed on the actual device. The most simple way to do this is to connect the device to your PC where it will be picked up as a removable drive. Double clicking on the drive while in "My Computer" will give you access to the device, and the file name can then be renamed to something else. Once this is done the device should update correctly and install the "QuickGPSfix" feature.

Map Error

Update error message: "No Maps Found!"

To solve this update issue, connect your TomTom device to your computer and run the TomTom Home application. Navigate to the "Tools" menu and select the "Use Latest Map Guarantee" option displayed there. You will then be given further instructions specific to your TomTom device on what to do next. The maps will be downloaded to your TomTom device and everything should function properly again.

Drive Space Error

Update error message: "There Is Not Enough Space on Drive / to Temporarily Store Your New Files."

This error message may occur after updating your TomTom device and trying to install the new maps that were downloaded during the update process. If this occurs, simply disconnect your TomTom device from your computer and exit the TomTom Home application completely. Then reconnect the TomTom device to the computer again and launch the TomTom Home software. Select the update device option in TomTom Home to retry the update, which will now update the firmware first and then install the map updates correctly.

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