Cummins N14 Engine Specifications

Updated February 21, 2017

The Cummins N14 engine was created from the Cummins 855-cubic-inch engine base design and has become one of the top-selling engines offered by the company, according to the diesel truck repair website Diesel Service Parts. You can find the N14 engine in many vehicles, from trucks to generators and even mobile homes.

Horsepower and Torque

The N14 engine has an advertised horsepower between 330 and 525. Peak torque for the N14 measures between 1,250ft. lb and 1,850ft. lb at 1,200 revolutions per minute with improved Cummins torque technology to provide drivers with added lift at the point of acceleration. This helps vehicles hauling heavy loads to get an extra push off the line. Displacement for the engine sits at 14.9 litres, according to Diesel Service Parts.

Firing Order and Valve Clearance

Intake valve clearance for the N14 engine sits at .014 inches with the exhaust valve clearance measuring .027 inches. Engine brake clear for the N14 measures at .023 inches. These specifications are useful when determining if the engine requires servicing and cleaning. Normal firing order for the engine's six cylinders is one, five, three, six, two and four. Oil pressure within the engine should measure 4.54 Kilogram per square inch when idling and 25 psi at 2,500 RPM. Fuel pressure measures at 25 psi when cranking and 120 psi at 1,200 RPM.

Advanced Components

The Cummins N14 engine features an advanced electronic control module that incorporates cruise control features commonly seen on smaller vehicles and regulates engine performance for increased fuel economy. The ECM also monitors pressure gauges within the engine, including valve timing and ignition components. A proprietary Celect Fuel System manages fuel-to-air flow to the engine.

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