The best shoes for aerobic exercise

Updated April 17, 2017

Aerobic exercise involves lateral movements, stepping, running and bouncing. This type of exercise requires a specific shoe to cushion and support the foot in these movements. Everyone's foot is different, so your foot shape should be taken into consideration when looking for a shoe for aerobic exercise Three features that the best shoes will have are stability, cushioning and a light weight. Some of the best brands for aerobic shoes include Ryka, Adidas and Saucony.

Water Aerobics

For water aerobics, a shoe designed for aerobic exercise both in and out of water is the best fit. Look for a shoe that has a quick-drying upper portion of the shoe and a drainage system to prevent the shoe from holding water. It is also important that a shoe for water aerobics be lightweight but also supportive around the midfoot area to accommodate jumping and jogging in the water.

Dance Aerobics

For dance aerobics, the best shoes will have support and cushion, but be flexible enough to point your toes. Another feature to look for in a dance aerobic shoe is seamless construction, which prevents any uncomfortable pressure points on your foot. A dance aerobic shoe should also contain a ventilation system to prevent the shoe and the foot from becoming sweaty.

General Aerobic Exercise

For other types of aerobic exercise such as stepping or kick boxing, the shoe should be lightweight and supportive. The bottom of the shoe needs to provide cushioning and comfort to withstand the pounding from jumping, stepping, jogging and kicking. A shoe for aerobic exercise should also have good traction to prevent slipping.

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