10 Best Self-Propelled Push Mowers

Updated April 17, 2017

Mowing the lawn is much easier with a self-propelled mower. It reduces the often-ragged look of push-mowed lawns, cuts through thick, tall grass and, of course, pushes itself, thus reducing your workload. With dozens of types of self-propelled mowers on the market, it's easy to become overwhelmed when shopping for one. Some of the web's leading consumer sites ranked the most user-friendly and quality mowers---including Popular Mechanics, Consumer Reports and Consumer Search---to make the process easier for you.

Honda HRX2172HXA

Priced at about £455 as of September 2010 and given a score of 85 out of 100, the Honda HRX2172HXA has a 21-inch blade, multiple speeds and speed control and a blade-brake clutch. It can also mulch, bag and rear discharge. The mower comes with a three-year warranty.

Toro Super Bagger 20194

The 21-inch, multiple-speed Toro Super Bagger 20194 has a side discharge, mulching and bagging capabilities and a five-year warranty. The mower costs just less than £455 as of September 2010 and was given an 84 out of 100 by consumers.

Toro Recycler 20333

The Toro Recycler 20333 scored 82 out of 100 in 2010, is backed by a two-year warranty and is considered a Consumer Reports Best Buy. With a 22-inch blade, this mower has side discharge, mulching and bagging.

Craftsman 37659

This is the first Craftsman mower in the top 10 list and features multiple speeds, a 22-inch blade, electric start-up, side discharge, mulching and bagging, and a two-year warranty through Sears.

Honda HRX2172VKA

This Honda mower received especially high scores in mulching and bagging and an overall score of 81. Featuring multiple speeds, a 21-inch blade, an overhead-cam engine with no prime start, rear discharge and a three-year warranty, this mower is undoubtedly a consumer pleaser.

Honda HRR216K3VXA

This mower retails for £325 as of September 2010 and has a side-discharge option, mulching, bagging, three-year warranty and a useful blade-brake clutch for emergencies. This model received a score of 80 and is best known for being easy to use.

Toro Recycler 20332

The Toro Recycler 20332 provides an extremely even cut with its 22-inch blade, side discharge and mulching and bagging options. It received a 79 score and was ranked the seventh-best self-propelled mower on the market.

Honda HRR216K5VKA

Priced at £260 as of September 2010, the Honda HRR216K5VKA excels in mulching and bagging and scored a score of 78 in the Consumer Reports 2010 report. The mower is gas-powered and moves smoothly and evenly across the yard.

Toro Super Recycler 20092

Also a 21-inch-blade and multispeed mower, the Toro Super Recycler 20092's features include side discharge, mulching, bagging and a five-year warranty. The mower receives high scores in evenness, performance and ease of use, according to Consumer Reports. The mower received an 83 out of 100.

Honda HRR216K3TDA

The Honda HRR216K3TDA is a three-speed mower with a three-year warranty and side discharge. Additionally, it has a 21-inch blade, scored a 72 out of 100 and sells for just less than £292 as of September 2010.

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