Most popular interior home paint colors

Updated February 21, 2017

While interior paint colour choices vary as much as people do, there are trends that mark popular choices that homeowners tend to gravitate towards repeatedly. The colour of a room is one of the most important elements of its design. The wall colour is reflected in all the other colours in the room, and wall colour is often the choice decorators make first before deciding on furniture, carpets and other items. Often decorators choose neutral colours for versatility and comfort. Bright colours tend to get tired over time and can be harsh on the eyes.


White is one of the most popular colour choices of all and is the obvious go-to colour for decorators who are timid about picking something bolder that they might get sick of. White has many advantages. It is neutral and goes with anything, so colourful furnishings will never clash with the walls. White makes small spaces feel larger, giving smaller rooms or bathrooms an airy feel. White also adds light and freshness to a room, though it does tend to get dirty quickly; if you choose white, prepare to repaint every year or two.


Cream or off-white is another common interior colour. Cream is less stark than white. It is softer and less prone to smudges and dirt. Cream also goes well with any colour, though it clashes a bit with stark white. Cream makes a space less sterile than white, so it is popular for homeowners with a cosier aesthetic who are looking to create a more welcoming space. Cream works much the same way as white when it comes to making the room feel larger.


Shades of brown are favourite choices for many decorators. Brown tones have many of the same advantages as white and cream but are less prone to dirt and give the space even more softness. However, brown will not make a space seem larger, and, in a small room, brown can be dull and stifling. However, mixing brown with lighter colours for moulding and light-coloured furnishings solves this problem.


Yellow shades are good choices for bathrooms and kitchens. Yellow is a cheery colour that evokes sun and bright moods. For bathrooms, yellow is inviting but also relaxing. It resists staining and makes the room feel large, similar to white and cream. For kitchens, yellow evokes French Country style, a common motif for kitchen decorating.

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