Daily school cleaning checklist

Updated November 21, 2016

Adhering to a daily school checklist helps maintain a more functional and organised classroom. Keeping up with tasks on a daily basis also creates an environment that is beneficial for learning because items are kept in their proper place.The last thing kids want to see is a teacher's desk loaded with papers or dust on the window sill. You can also ask the children to help with cleaning tasks during the last five minutes of each day.


Sweeping and mopping may be part of what the custodian does, but there are times when a classroom gets very dirty in a single day. Sweep the classroom if there is excess dirt on the floor.

Organise Supplies

Organise any art supplies or books that are laying around on desks and other tables in the classroom. Put away all pencils, coloured pencils and paper in storage containers, shelves or cabinets, depending on what is available in your classroom.


Wipe down chalkboards or dry erase boards with a wet wash cloth. Clean up excess chalk or ink that builds up on the tray. Wipe off excess ink on the pens and throw away pens with no ink left. Replace these pens from the supply cabinet or order new ones.


Wipe down all the desks in the classroom. You can give each kid a box of wipes and ask them to clean off their desks. Wash off any pen marks and wipe off the legs of the chairs if they become dusty.

Window Sills

Wipe off debris on the window sills each day. This area can quickly build up from dust and flies that make their way into the room. You may also need to wash the windows from time to time.

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