Birthday Ideas for 18 Year Old Boys

Updated April 17, 2017

Turning 18 marks the beginning of adulthood. A birthday party for an 18-year-old boy needs to be fun and meaningful to the guest of honour. Instead of throwing an ordinary party, here are several ideas to choose from that both the birthday boy and his guests will remember.

Remembering Youth Party

A Remembering Youth Party is a coming-of-age rite at which the birthday boy and his guests remember the events of his youth in humorous ways. Use pictures of him as a child for decorations. Consider having pictures blown up that show him doing something funny. Display symbols of his youth around the party place. If he liked a cartoon character, display memorabilia of the character. If he played a certain sport, use equipment from that sport. Play games that the birthday boy liked as a child and serve some of his favourite childhood foods. Have guests talk about special memories they have of him as a child.

Outdoor Survival Party

Have the birthday boy and his guests become adventurers in an Outdoor Survival Party. Inform guests beforehand that they will probably get messy and should bring a change of clothes. Let them know that they should show up in outdoor apparel such as shorts and tennis shoes. When the guests arrive, give them bandannas to wear with the guest of honor's name on them. Decorate the backyard by making it into a forest, with fake plants and trees all around. Divide the guests into teams and have them compete in challenges. An easy choice is a tug-of- war. Place a big tarp in the centre of the play area and cover it with dirt and water to make mud. Have each team try to pull the other into the mud. Set up another area with a small kiddie pool so the guests can rinse off. When everyone is finished with the challenges, make a bonfire and have them roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Club Party

For many boys, turning 18 means that they are now old enough to visit a nightclub. A Club Party will mark this milestone. Decorate the party area in shimmery decorations and hang a disco ball over the makeshift dance floor. Stamp the guests' hands when they walk through the door as if they were at a real club. Play the birthday boy's favourite music for the guests to dance to. Serve nonalcoholic drinks in champagne flutes and food that the guests can easily hold while dancing, such as sliders and chips.

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